About Us

 After 10+ years helping to shape popular lifestyle beverage brands like White Claw and Pabst Blue Ribbon, co-founders Anthony Spina and Matt Sievers dreamt to redefine the drinking experience. For centuries drinking has been a key force in daily social life, but the way we as a society are drinking is significantly shifting and category lines between alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are blurring like never before.

We came up with the concept for PRIMER based on what we were seeing directly around us, not only in our own peer group but within a larger social context. 

We have always been socialized into drinking a conventional way - meaning the more you drank the more fun you were having. Not only has this proven untrue in practice for so many, but it also left out those who may not be drinking but still wanted to be a part of the party. Whether somebody is fully sober, taking a night off, or just doesn’t like the taste or feeling of alcohol they shouldn’t automatically be separated from their social group.

The big “ah ha” moment was when we realized that nobody was providing a one-stop-shop inclusive drinking system that had something for everyone and would fit into all occasions. From that moment on, we realized as simple as it may seem, there was potential to actually shift the foundational way society was drinking. 

We had a blast testing PRIMER in natural outdoor gatherings with our friends to see if the concept would work in real life. The end result was so natural and seamless, many people didn’t even really notice that they were naturally shifting between the 3ABVs. It left many of us saying “how have we not been drinking like this all along”.  With PRIMER everyone is invited to join the party, no matter their preference.